Saturday, July 1, 2017

Friday Favorites from Duke Manor Farm, Kitchen Treaty, Tastes Better From Scratch, Design Chic and More

Good morning! Happy Friday and a very happy 4th of July weekend to you. I am so looking forward to a 4 day weekend. Do you have plans for the 4th of July weekend? We are home for the holiday and will be going to a barbecue, heading to the beach with the masses, eating lots of tasty treats and watching the fireworks. By Monday we will be worn out and need to recuperate on Tuesday. 

Flag Sheet Cake from Kitchen Treaty

Get ready for your 4th of July cookout with this delicious and beautiful American Flag Sheet Cake from the Kitchen Treaty.

Recipe HERE

Just in case you missed my post yesterday for Crowd Pleasing Cupcakes and Cake here is a look again at the cake and cupcakes I made, with a recipe that starts with a cake mix. It is one of the best cakes/cupcakes you will ever eat! If I do say so myself. 

Recipe HERE

Image Tastes Better From Scratch

I love these M&M Cookie Bars from Tastes Better From Scratch and I think if you add a bag of 4th of July inspired candies they would be perfect for the kids at home and whatever party that you are going to . 

Image from Duke Manor Farm

For fast and easy decorating ideas check out this post from Duke Manor Farm.

Or if you have time gather a few plates, napkins and other things from your own house like your blue willow ironstone, your linen napkinsred salad plates  and everyday silverware for the food.

Then add an ironstone pitcher and make an arrangement with mini flags.

 Go to the dollar section of Target and get yourself a little metal bucket, then visit the Dollar Tree and get one of these decorative balloon holders and you have an "firework" favor.

You can also get a few cellophane bags and fill them with M&M candy or licorice or whatever red, white and blue candy you like and you have a favor for your guests to take home or for you to snack on later while watching the fireworks.

If you are traveling this summer to one or more of the National Parks check out this post The Best Spots in American National Parts from a Couple who Have Visited all 59!

Love the fabulous Le Vieux Castillon Hotel in the South of France featured on ZaZa Bellagio this week. 

Image Design Chic

This week Beth and Kristy featured the incredibly talented Kathleen Rivers Interior Design. I am in love with her style and design. 

I  hope that you found something here this week that you liked and if you discovered a book, movie, recipe or something else that you think is interesting please share!

Have a very happy and safe 4th of July weekend. 


  1. The first photo reminds me of our first July 4 party in France. I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and decorated like a flag, with blueberries and strawberries. A friend picked it up to take it around to show the guests (there were about 30 people). She called out to me, "What kind of cake is it?" When I said carrot, she about dropped the thing. Her face was a picture of shock. She recovered and asked about the frosting. Well, answering that it was made with cheese didn't help the situation.
    The other desserts got eaten in short order, but the carrot cake sat untouched until finally one guest, who hadn't paid attention to this exchange, took a piece. The others watched warily, and when his face lit up with pleasure, they all had to try this strange carrot cake with cheese on top. It disappeared in minutes.


  3. There are shops here that have been stocking Canada Day themed cakes, cupcakes, or cookies in the last few days. Quite a party here tomorrow! Have a good Fourth of July!

  4. Elizabeth... your cupcakes and cake are magazine worthy! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Lovely ideas! No plans here. Just the same old. I hate the loudness of fireworks and try to avoid them when I can.


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