Saturday, July 15, 2017

Friday Favorites From Messy Nessy, My Little Paris, Carlsbad Cravings, Mels Kitchen Cafe and More

Good morning and a very happy Friday to you. I must admit that I am happy it is the weekend because as much as I love to travel I love to be home even more. 

Image Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Today it was 100 and let me tell you that it was hot and steamy, almost too hot to eat, I said almost. It was definitely too hot to cook but this beautiful Southwest Cobb Salad from Mel's Kitchen Cafe would have been perfect if I hadn't eaten a huge barbecue lunch.  

Image Carlsbad Cravings

I love tacos especially in the summer when I am looking for an easy dinner. These Honey Chipoltle Chicken Tacos from Carlsbad Cravings are next on my list of tacos to make, don't they look delicious?

Image Lemon Stripes

If you are looking for something a little more healthy check out these 3 Protein Packed Smoothies from Lemon Stripes.

By the way if you like smoothies I read a suggestion this week on Instagram to add frozen cauliflower to your smoothies to add fiber, extra thickness and goodness. Have you tried cauliflower in your smoothies? 

Image Coastal Living

If you are looking for something a little less healthy to start the weekend you might want to try this Frosty Lime Margarita or 13 other pink cocktails from Coastal Living Magazine.

Do you like ice cream?  This past month I made a rich decadent chocolate ice cream that is so creamy, fudgy, chocolaty and delicious that you really only need a tiny scoop to satisfy your chocolate cravings. The recipe is on my other blog Once Upon a Chocolate Life. The best part is, its no churn. Now if you want to churn it in your machine by all means go ahead but it is just a good if you don't have a machine.

Photo Pine Cones and Acorns

Do you read My Little Paris? If not you might enjoy this newsletter that offers one little nugget in each email about Paris, be it the best rooftop bar with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or a great story about fashion, if you are a Francophile you will love this newsletter. 

Image from Messy Nessy

Check out this fabulous library designed and made by Jim Cardon which I read about on Messy Nessy this week. If I had a library like this in my house I would never leave. 

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy summer because before we know it is is going to be Fall! 



  1. Good morning Elizabeth! The weather is wacko. It was HOT one day, then the next, COLD. Last night, we were shivering under a blanket! But summer will be back today, and hurray for that!

    Enjoy your Friday!

  2. Ice cream would be quite welcome right about now.

  3. Something fun and tasty for everyone here! I need to eat more salads. I don't know about cauliflower in smoothies. I hate cauliflower. Not many vegetables I dislike, but that's one of them.


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